Strategic Consulting | Branding | Web Development

Your story- refined.

Digital strategy built for YOU.

You have a passion and vision.
I know you do, because creating a business is not easy.
Most people who start a business have something that drives them, or else they wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of creating something new.
I come in as a problem solver and facilitator, taking your vision and finding strategic ways to help you connect with your audience- all while keeping it authentic to you.
Let's do more than increase sales and connect to more customers, let's also increase the time you have to relax, spend with family, or dream up the next project.
Your web presence is how the world hears your story-
make sure your story is told right.
Calliope Insights is your partner in making an impression.


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UX Design • Branding • Developing
Let's take a holistic look at the business, your goals, your budget, and your comfort level to find solutions. Sometimes that’s building or fixing a website, sometimes that’s making sure the brand the world sees fits with the story you are excited to tell, or sometimes you need a guide and accountability partner to bring your next project to life.

Are you ready to get started?

Tell me your story and let's make a plan.

Halley Moore, Business Lady

your partner at Calliope Insights

You probably have a ton on your plate, and there are a few things that just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Whether you need someone to build a website or write copy from scratch, re-design existing properties, or help nudge you towards your goals- I can help.

I created Calliope Insights to offer an alternative to many consulting and tech agencies out there- one based on collaboration and communication. I pride myself on listening to your story and developing a custom pathway that feels approachable, unique, and authentic to everything you have built. I see every project as the beginning of a relationship, and pride myself on being able to offer ongoing support as your business grows.
I will approach your business' needs with the same care and attention with which I approach my own.
I'm based in St. Louis, MO and while I'm happy to host clients at my office, virtual meetings are always available to remove distance or scheduling impediments. 


  • leopard boutique logo for testimonial

    John Sauter

    Owner, Leopard Boutique
    Halley has been a great partner for my business. She listens and makes thoughtful proposals that are clear and reasonable. When something didn’t work as planned, which always happens, Halley worked tirelessly to find a solution and stayed with it through complete implementation. I find myself looking for an opportunity to work with her again.
  • mollishea-headshot

    MollieShea Stephens

    Owner, Clover Therapeutic Massage
    The work you have done for our site is beyond amazing and we are so very grateful. The new site is already increasing visibility and business. I appreciate your style, knowhow and professionalism. HIGHLY recommend Halley. Anyone who works with you will have a positive experience.
  • Julia Taylor

    CEO & Founder of GeekPack®
    Halley has contributed so much to GeekPack®, both as a student developer and as a GeekPack® intern. She is always willing to help others along with their individual journeys, providing words of encouragement and sound technical advice. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a web developer and share her knowledge and confidence with others. I look forward to seeing Halley continuing advancement as a talented developer, as well as an ongoing supporter of the GeekPack® community.
Email(314) 391-8652
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