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Your web presence is how the world hears your story-
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You want to deliver a clear message about who you are and what you do, but you aren't quite sure what that looks like.

You want your website, your social media, and your client communications to be cohesive and up to date, but you just don't have the time.

Consistent, personal representation of your work is the key to connecting with your market.

I am a storyteller, a marketer, and a business owner. I understand how to articulate your vision to boost your brand, attract your audience, and keep it all authentic to you.

Calliope Insights is your partner in making an impression.

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Meet Halley...

My work history has spanned the theater, fine dining restaurants, dive bars, massage therapy, food photography, and even a brief stint training to run away and join the circus.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business and currently run two businesses. I have consulted for therapists, teachers, non-profits, event producers, magazines, artists, and many other small businesses to educate, hone branding, and bring their projects to life.

You probably have a ton on your plate, and there are a few things that just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Whether you need someone to build a website or write copy from scratch, re-design existing properties, or help nudge you towards your goals- I can help.

I will approach your business' needs with the same care and attention that I approach my own.

A diverse writing background and experience in hospitality have made me adept at matching a variety of style guides and creating content that feels authentic to each client’s voice. My experience working with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, WordPress, Adobe, and SEO (along with a few other tricks I've picked up along the way) ensures you end up with a responsive, functional, unique web presence. Throw in a dash of sheer stubborness and you have a driven, organized, and a creative problem solver who thrives on tight deadlines and will always prioritize your vision on your side.

What our clients are saying:

It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a web developer

Halley has contributed so much to GeekPack®, both as a student developer and as a GeekPack® intern. She is always willing to help others along with their individual journeys, providing words of encouragement and sound technical advice. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a web developer and share her knowledge and confidence with others. I look forward to seeing Halley continuing advancement as a talented developer, as well as an ongoing supporter of the GeekPack® community.

Julia Taylor

The new site is already increasing visibility and business

The work you have done for our site is beyond amazing and we are so very grateful. The new site is already increasing visibility and business. I appreciate your style, knowhow and professionalism. HIGHLY recommend Halley. Anyone who works with you will have a positive experience.

MollieShea Stephens

Her passion for her business shines bright

It was an honor to work alongside Halley to build our website for our organization. Her passion for her business shines bright through her amazing work. 5 stars is not enough, she deserves 10.

Tabitha Hollingsworth

She can take my words and sculpt them into a beautiful, clear, understandable message.

Halley was able to support me in ways that no one could. She understood what I was trying to do and she was able to assist me to get my idea off the ground. Halley met me where I was without judgement. She can take my words and sculpt them into a beautiful clear understandable message. She helped me find my niche and supported me along the way. Thank you Halley I could not have done with out you.

Amy Charlton

Halley is one of my go-to people

Halley is one of my go-to people when I need help or advice in thinking through a concept from all angles and perspectives. For us, it’s really important that the messaging sounds like it came from a human, not a form letter. Most recently she helped us rewrite a fundraising letter that, due to its timing, felt insensitive to some who had previously read it. With just a few tweaks, Halley transformed the messaging and tone to show that we were unequivocally mindful and empathetic of circumstances that may or may not allow them to contribute. We felt so comfortable with the letter, that we ended up sending it to our entire donor base rather than a smaller list that we originally felt safe with.

Jeannine Beck

Halley is your go-to person to write your blogs and stories

It is rare to find a writer who is also a science-based massage therapist. For healthcare businesses who adhere to science, patient-centered care, and ethics, Halley is your go-to person to write your blogs and stories. Not only is she able to meet the deadlines, Halley is able to explain the complexity of research and the human pain experience in a way that many patients with no background knowledge would understand. Plus, there is very little editing on my end after she submits the initial draft, which saves me time.

Nick Ng

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